About Us


  Marrs Roofing Inc. was founded in September 1989 by Andy and Sharie Marrs. They were a very young and ambitious couple with a growing family wanting to make a better life. Prior to opening the company Andy was a Journeyman Foreman at a large commercial roofing company and Sharie was a busy stay at home mom with 2 boys and a baby girl on the way. Their family continues to grow they now have 5 children, 5 grandbabies, with more on the way, and a family business ran with pride and integrity. Since 1989 Marrs Roofing has been servicing the Metropolitan Area and the company is still owned and operated by the family today. Andy has over 35 years experience in the in the commercial and residential roofing trades, including a staff that has a combined experience of well over 100 years.  Marrs Roofing has survived and prospered through good and bad times. The company was designed and built around the core principles of honesty, integrity, passion, trust, and care. Each project is approached in a manner of how we would do things at our own house. Family is the foundation of our company, our employees are our family and we want our customers to feel like they are part of the family too. We treat each costumer as an individual, keeping in mind that everyone has different needs, circumstances, and expectations. We want to build lasting relationships with our customers and make you feel like you’re not just another job, your building or home is as important to us as ours is. We keep in mind each day that our name is on everything that we do, that carries great responsibility and we have created a strong reputation that our name is a symbol you can trust and have confidence in.    



  “We strive to provide each and every customer with exceptional service and unsurpassed quality at an affordable price and achieve the goal of providing the greatest value and experience possible”  


  · High Pressure Sales- We provide a Detailed and Informative proposal and answers to any questions you may have. We will not sit in your home for hours trying to pressure you into anything; your time is valuable and so is ours. · Propose an astronomical price- WE DO NOT START OUT REAL HIGH AND THEN NEGOTIATE DOWN. We provide our best pricing from the start. 

Cedar Shake,  Slate and Tile Roofing- it is not our specialty · Charge for estimates- they are free · Everything- We are highly skilled professionals in the services we offer. If it outside our expertise we will refer someone to you. We do not practice on people’s buildings or homes.

 Treat you like an address- Each one of our customers is very important to us. We care greatly about your building or home. 

Price Match- We do not enter bidding wars. There may be a reason why a contractor has to undercut competitors to win bids. Cutting Prices leads to Cutting Corners.



  · Can your contractor provide current proof of proper licensing or insurance- we gladly provide our customers with copies upon request  

-Can your contractor provide references- we have 28 years of happy customers and plenty of references to prove it. 85% of our work is earned through referrals.  · 

-Contractors offering free services- If a contractor says they will blow in insulation, replace rotted wood or flashing free of charge they either added the cost in the bid, cut corners or will not do it. No one works for free. We are transparent about costs and any additional work needing to be performed.  

-Warranties- We provide warranties based on 25 years of exceptional quality and service with less than a 1% call back rate, we don’t provide lifetime warranties due to the climate in Michigan, materials and sealants wear out over time it’s just reality. A contractor offering a lifetime warranty should be questioned, how long have they been in business and what does a lifetime warranty really mean · Companies offering one day installations- this can raise the issue of having your project rushed just to complete it. We guarantee the highest quality job done in timely manner, we are very efficient but do not rush. · Who’s doing the work- We know each and every person that will be working on your home personally and they know our system, expectations and share our commitment to quality. We don’t hire random crews just to get the job done. Beware of the “Big Company Contractor Network”, the Contractors in the network sub contract from big companies because they cannot win bids on their own, which may be an indication of the quality of work they do.